A Moment With The Men Of Leading With Power

We’re back again with more life advice from some of the guys at Leading With Power. This time, we asked LWP Madison Chapter Leader Josh Kaurich and LWP members TJ Morice, Tom
Walther, and Brent Welch about some of their biggest pieces of advice.

Q: What's the biggest life lesson you've learned up to this point in your life?

Josh: This is a very tough question to titrate down to a simple response. However, I think the answer for me is that the formula for contentment and joy is much simpler than we realize.

TJ: Our time on earth is a vapor, here only for a moment - so try to be the best person you can.

Tom: To trust in the Lord with all things. We often get caught up in the seriousness of life. But God says, “Seek first the kingdom of God”. It’s easy to read but takes effort to practice.

Brent: The Truth that I can’t, but He can through me.

Q: What do you do to pick yourself back up when you're unmotivated?

Josh: Prayer is critical but I am a social creature so I seek time with my wife, kids, or close

TJ: Think of the blessings God has given me.

Tom: Spend time with the Lord: both reading His Word and in prayer. We all go through periods like that, and when we’re feeling unmotivated it’s often because we haven’t spent time with Him.

Brent: Routines including Scripture reading, worship, fellowship with my wife/family/friends
including a band of brothers, meditation, prayer, affirmations, exercise, sleep, and a good diet.

Q: What makes you happy (activities/hobbies, people, etc.)

Josh: Taking time to be grateful, spending time with the family, enjoying nature, and traveling. Also, time with friends and other men, helping them in their journey.

TJ: Enjoying the family He has blessed me with, the creation provided for us, and time spent
doing things with both.

Tom: Seeing others grow! Being a part of their growth experience.

Brent: The joy of the Lord is my strength. Ps. 16:11 says, “He will show you the way of life,
grant you the joy of His presence and the pleasures of living with Him forever.”

Q: What is most important to you?

Josh: A relationship with Jesus. This has become the epicenter to a joyful, influential, and
purpose filled life.

TJ: Faith, family, and country.

Tom: My life with Christ. With that relationship, you can do anything, endure anything, and

Brent: Jesus. I want my life to reflect the plans that God created in advance for me to do. I want to trust and obey. I want to be Holy Spirit filled and walk in the Spirit.

Q: Is it important to surround yourself with people who have some of the same goals / outlooks as you? If so, why?

Josh: If you want to go fast then travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together. Life is just sweeter with others on the journey. You need to find great friends as they are the ones who will expect more from you and help guide you back on track when you are not living up to the standards you have expressed, or when you are not leaning in the direction of becoming the best “you” possible.

TJ: Yes. Without well founded, like minded folks it’s easy to get pulled in directions you would rather not go.

Tom: One, we all need accountability. Two, the Bible tells us that a cord of three (or more) is
much stronger together. Building a “Band of Brothers” is critical to function well in life.

Brent: Like iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Q: How can I get through the hard times? (Ill loved one, death of friend / family,
depression, marriage troubles, lost your job, financial issues, health issues, etc.)

Josh: I have first hand experience like many others. These are character building times so to
truly understand that requires an intimate relationship with Jesus. He walks with us and craves to be our guide, nurse, and friend during this time. Let Christ come underneath your arm and carry you off the field if need be. This is His job!

TJ: For those who have faith in Christ, there’s comfort in knowing how the story ends and it’s in that confidence we can yield peace regardless of the circumstance. He tells us in Deuteronomy 31:6, He will never leave us or forsake us. It doesn’t make things easy or problem free, but provides a foundation to build our lives on and the troubles it brings. He shares in 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 that we shouldn’t lose heart… we’re renewed day-by-day… focus not on what is seen but what is unseen.

Tom: You need a friend. LWP is all about building relationships with others who can be a part of your life.

Brent: Jesus is with you in the midst of your challenges. He cares for you. He loves you. God is good. He wants a relationship with you. He counts your relationship with Him as foremost (as evidenced by Jesus’ sacrificial death for us to have relationship with Him).

Q: How has LWP changed / affected your life?

Josh: I never felt equipped to lead other men, especially in the period I was in for the last few years. God used LWP to show me that that was not my identity and that it was all background noise. He had other plans in mind for me. The effect has been a stronger maturity in my relationship with God. However, I have also met some awesome men who I now call friends and lean on in the good and bad times. Rock on!

TJ: It’s a continual injection of encouragement from the lives of those that lead, have life stories of overcoming and sharing with others love and good deeds.

Tom: It’s a great community within the community. It’s all about men recognizing what good
leadership looks like in the home, at work, in all parts of their life! I’m happy to be a part of it!

Brent: LWP has taught me to trust Him. It’s taught me obedience. LWP inspires me through guys like Keith, Tony, Josh, Jake, T.J., Tom, Doug, Zach, and the other LWP volunteers. The
challenges America faces today has a lot to do with men being absent in the homes and not
stepping into their God-given privileges and calling on their lives as husbands, fathers,
grandfathers and leaders. Men should “man up” and lead in the power of the Holy Spirit!


That’s all we’ve got for today! If you’re interested in more advice, inspiration, and motivation - and building your band of brothers - find your local Leading With Power event here. We’d love to see you at our monthly lunches!

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