To encourage, build up, and connect Madison area men

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Let`s do lunch.

Leading With Power meets over lunch once each month starting in

September and ends in May. A couples event is held in the evening in February.

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Come have lunch with friends, make new connections, and listen to
a successful, dynamic speaker tell his story and address the challenges
all men face - the balance of life, family and career.


Upcoming Lunch Schedule

2018 Speakers

Jeff Benrud - September 6th

Stories from 700 combat missions - finding Sadaam Hussein

John Peterson - October 11th 

Champion Leadership

Doug Stampfli - November 1st 

The Leverage of Alignment

Keith Tompkins - December 6th 

Unlocking hte Secret of Life

2019 Speakers

Cody Bobay - Jan 3rd 

Winning in the war for our mind, will and emotions

Dick Hinrichs - February 7th

Personal Testimony & Missions

Bill Butters - April 4th 

What Makes a Man? 

Armin Assadi - May 2nd

Get Real (a jorney from refugee, organized crime, to ministry)

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